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Επισκευή οδοντιατρικών μηχανημάτων

The maintenance program
repairs the machine failures
Free diagnosis of dental
machine failures

TECHNODENTAL recommends the following annual maintenance and repair program

Cutting unit
check Mounting Bracket Spring Voltage Control
check Micromotor cooling control and check
check Check water and air regulators
check Cleaning and testing of spray cutters
check Handpieces F.O. or LED check
check Controller commands check
check Cleaning the oil return filter
check Air Pressure Measurement
Spittoon unit
check Autonomous water system control
check Spittoon drain cleaning
check Cleaning of Cattani pumps, tubes, tips, bottles, pins, filters
check Enamel separator cleaning - flange change
check Glass / spittoon water setting
check Glass / spittoon water setting
check Ventilation of the machine - air filter replacement
Connection module - box
check Checking water and air pressures
check Water filter cleaning - filter replacement

Dental chair

check Control of seat boundary movements
check Automatic positioning control - crankshaft change
check Checking safety switches
Surgical suction motor
check Check for sewage leaks
check Filter cleaning
check Capacitor replacement
Air compressor
check Pressure control function 6-8 bar
check Inlet pressure regulator control at 6 bar
check Air compressor ventilation and capacitor change
check Fan inspection and cleaning
check Mirror and protective glass cleaning
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